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Kelley FX Air Bag Leveler

Kelley FX Air Bag Leveler

It's the original Kelley air-powered dockleveler that revolutionized the industry. In addition to delivering safe, powered performance at a cost comparable to mechanical docklevelers, the aFX® features airDefense® — Kelley's proprietary stump-out and free fall protection system. The aFX is also backed by the strongest warranty in the industry, with a rated lifetime lip hinge assembly warranty, a 5-year warranty on the lifting system and an available 10-year structural warranty base on engineering approval of approved application. All of which makes it the preferred choice of warehousing operations worldwide.
  • Kelley's airDefense® proprietary stump-out and free fall protection system with 60,000 lbs. structural dock level support legs.
  • Clean Pit Kit provides 100% full access for maximum cleaning and maintenance effectiveness. The aFX Series docklevelers are the only docklevelers with an activation system designed for outside-the-pit service.
  • Exclusive Lambda deck beams optimize twist resistance and stress distribution. Beams are robotically welded to deck.
  • Self-cleaning, lug-type lip hinge with rated lifetime warranty.
  • Automatic lip extension with every cycle. Yieldable feature prevents lip damage.
  • Full operating range toe guards with two galvanized sliding guards.
  • Integral support strut and lip lock for maintenance and cleaning.
  • High-volume, low-pressure air bag lifting mechanism. Requires no scheduled maintenance.
  • Lifting bag operates under temperature extremes of -65° to +180° F.
  • Lifting bag with polyvinylchloride coated polyester fibers retains lifting effectiveness even when punctured; easily repaired with adhesive vinyl patches.
  • Lifting bag, gaskets and fittings resistant to chemical washdown exposure and rodent damage.
  • 10-amp fan with two-stage, single-speed, self-cleaning filter, UL-approved motor; runs off 115-volt single-phase electrical power.
Models and Shipping Weights
Model     25K Capacity     30K Capacity     35K Capacity     40K Capacity     45K Capacity     50K Capacity       Nom. Size 
aFX6x6    1,380                     1,485               1,485               1,638               1,638               1,695            6' W x 6' L 
aFX6x8    1,634                     1,751               1,751               1,638               1,940               2,024            6' W x 8' L 
aFX6x10   2,097                     2,418               2,418               2,418               2,418               2,418            6' W x 10' L 
aFX6.5x6  1,479                     1,604               1,604               1,704               1,704               1,762            6'6" W x 6' L 
aFX6.5x8  1,764                     1,909               1,909               2,108               2,108               2,193            6'6" W x 6' L 
aFX6.5x10 2,260                     2,629               2,629               2,629               2,629               2,629            6'6" W x 10' L 
aFX7x6     1,524                     1,632               1,632               1,769               1,769               1,827            7' W x 6' L 
aFX7x8     1,818                     1,947               1,947               2,155               2,155               2,239            7' W x 8' L 
aFX7x10   2,322                      2,686               2,686              2,686               2,686                2,686           7' W x 10' L

Dockleveler rises when NEMA 4X shielded push-button is pushed and held. GRAVITY LIP® automatically extends as deck section descends into trailer bed. After loading or unloading is complete, dock attendant pushes button to activate air system and raise dockleveler. Gravity Lip moves pendant and dockleveler is stored.
In stored position, dockleveler is fully supported by dock level support legs. Ramp may be lowered to fully supported below-dock level position, without extending lip, to service low trucks in end-load situations.

 Unitized, robotically welded ramp with high tensile steel safety tread deck plate and lip. 
 Self-cleaning, lug-style lip hinge with rated lifetime warranty. 
 Fully welded, easy-to-clean subframe. 
 Air bag and fan motor attached to galvanized pan sub-assembly. 
 Fixed rear hinge provides 4" of side-to-side tilt without gap at rear hinge.
Working (Service) Range

 6' - 8' long models - 24", from 12" above dock to 12" below. 
 10' long models - 30", from 18" above dock to 12" below.
Optional Performance Features and Accessories
 Side and rear weatherseal. 
 Spacer kit for existing and sloped pits. 
 18" lip. 
 20" lip. 
 Minimum lip bend. 
 Curb angle sets. 
 Self-forming pans. 
 Foam-insulated ramp. 
 Spray-metalized ramp, lip and frame.
STAR® Trailer Restraint.
AUTO CHOCK® Wheel Restraint.
SURFACE CHOCK™ Wheel Restraint.
HIDDEN HOOK™ Recessed Restraint
TRUK ALERT® Illuminated Loading Dock Communications Package.
Master or Combo Control Panel
The Kelley aFX dockleveler is backed by the strongest warranties in the industry.
 Rated lifetime warranty on lip hinge 
 Limited 1-year parts & labor base warranty 
 Limited 5-year parts & labor warranty on lifting system (bag, motor, hoses, gaskets, fittings & seals) 
 Limited 10-year structural warranty available upon engineering approval of written application
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