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Serco PitBull Restraint

Serco PitBull Restraint

To guard against premature departure, trailer creep and trailer walk, Serco has designed the PitBull Safety-Loc Series. The PitBull has a bite that locks on tight, engaging a trailer’s rear impact guard and securing it more effectively than rubber wheel chocks. Serco PitBull Safety-Loc restraints are most compatible with the new rear impact guards because of their non-impact, low-profile design.

PitBull® Safety-Loc® Products

PitBull restraints are available in a variety of models to suit virtually any loading dock operation or configuration in the industry.

Power: PitBull Safety-Loc series powered restraints provide automatic push-button activation with advanced electronics and standard LED communication systems for increased dock safety and security. Driveway or wall-mounted units available.

Mechanical: PitBull Safety-Loc series mechanical restraints are manually activated and offer lower day-to-day operating costs, higher up-time performance and operational simplicity. Some units can be combined with a light communication package for clear communication.

Design Highlights
  • Dual Locking Positions at 7" & 11" From Face of 4" Bumper
  • Horizontal Hooking Range 0 - 11” From Face of 4" Bumper
  • Non-Impact Design & Operation
  • 120V Single Phase (SL60-90 Only)
  • Low-Profile - Stores at 9" Off Grade
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Finish
  • Optional Driveway Mount Capability
  • Standard Backplate Height 23 1/2" Wall Mount / 16" Ground Mount
  • Wedge Anchors for Installation Included (3/4 x 5-1/2)
  • LED Interior & Exterior Communication Lights (Not available on SL10)
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