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Battery & Charger

Proper battery maintenance and repair is critical in the continued operation of your Lift Truck Fleet. With most companies, battery assets could equal the value of their fleet. Periodic watering and maintenance are critical.

NWHS can provide a full line of services to ensure maximum performance and extended life of both battery and charger for your fleet.

Full line services include cell replacement, intercell connector repair/replacement, mobile battery watering, mobile battery washing, power cable and SB connector repair/replacement, acid adjustments, post repair/replacement, watering system installation. Complete load bank test will provide a precise picture of your batteries health and needed repairs.

Planned Maintenance for your batteries is critical for ensuring top performance and longevity. Proper watering and periodic washing of your batteries will help maintain top performance for the life line of your material handling fleet.

Matching battery charger output to your battery is critical to providing and maintaining proper charging cycles for your batteries.

Mobile battery service technicians can provide these services onsite, maintaining the power your fleet requires!