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NWHS Parts Department is a fully stocked Crown & Komatsu Distributor, has over 2 million dollars’ worth of inventory. We can supply parts for every other OEM as well.

Benefits of Using Our Parts:

  • Sturdiness you can rely on, meaning less downtime
  • Easy to replace, with the support of Crown’s intuitive parts designs and hassle-free services
  • Trustworthy longevity, meaning fewer replacements and bigger savings for your company
  • On-Site Consignment Program: NWHS provides an inventory of forklift parts at the customer facility on a pay-as-used basis. This allows our customers to reduce costs by eliminating inventory management, parts procurement labor costs, parts obsolescence loss, freight costs, and downtime.
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Forklift Parts Available:

  • Hydraulic Components
  • Fork Attachments
  • Work Assist
  • Electric Truck Components
  • Wheels and Tires
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