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Serco Ultra-Seal S-2000

Serco Ultra-Seal S-2000

The ULTRA-SEAL® Foam Dock Seal with Head Curtain utilizes the same versatile design with the addition of an adjustable head curtain that enhances the seal's effectiveness by accommodating a variety of trailer heights. The S-2000 is the ultimate energy seal for the climate-controlled loading dock.

Design Highlights
  • Standard Base Projection: 10"
  • Roll Formed, Galvanized Steel Side & Head Pad Backing
  • 5 to 6 Internal Retention Straps Per Side Pad
  • Includes 30" High Reinforcement on Tip at Bottom Of Side Pad Profile
  • Includes Bottom Foam-filled Draft Pads
  • Available for Door Widths Up to 10'-0"
  • Seals Hinge Air Gap on Trailers with Swing-out Doors & Provides Improved Trailer Access
  • Includes Dual Color Guide Stripe System: Inside Stripe is White and 16" High x 3" Wide; Outside Stripe is Yellow and 24" High x 3" Wide
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