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Battery & Charger Options

Power your trucks with our versatile options. Ensure longer run times and consistent performance.

Batteries to Power Any Truck


Lead-Acid Batteries, our standard battery model, offer the advantages of lower initial cost than other battery technologies. They provide proven, trusted performance for cycles ranging from light to heavy-duty, for one to three shifts. With proper maintenance, they can support conventional, opportunity, and fast charging, delivering reliable energy when it’s needed.

Deep Cycle

The heavy internal construction of Deep Cycle Batteries provides durability, longevity, and solid performance. Thick plates and a rugged cell design enable these batteries to deliver high productivity and return on investment in tough applications.


Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems can improve performance and productivity. Their technology provides consistent power output throughout the entire battery discharge cycle. Shorter recharge times and better charge acceptance characteristics make these batteries ideal for opportunity and fast charging applications.

Chargers to Meet Any Needs

Our versatile chargers can accommodate your warehouse’s needs. They ensure efficiency and flexibility to fit what you need most from a charger.

Battery Watering

Lead-Acid Batteries require regular watering for optimal safety and performance. Water your batteries with ease using our available watering systems.


Maximized Battery Life

No matter the charger, our products are built to prevent overheating or damage to a battery while charging. With monitoring systems, chargers will ensure battery efficiency for longer.