Bendi B3/30AC 1

Bendi B3/30AC

The Bendi B3/30AC forklift works in aisles as narrow as 72″ (1.83M)*, has a starting capacity of 3,000 lbs (1361kg) at 24″ (600mm) load center and lift heights available to 30′ (9.14M).

A 3-wheel articulating forklift with a single poly front drive tire and solid rubber rear tires. Front articulation of 220°, narrow mast and a compact front end allow easy stacking in Very Narrow Aisles. The Bendi B3/30AC can work inside and outside on paved surfaces. It can do the same jobs of a reach truck, in aisles at least 40″ (1M) smaller.

* Based on 48” (1200mm) long x 40” (1000mm) wide load.


Call for Pricing: (800) 426-3888

Maximizes Productivity

The versatile Bendi B3/30AC forklift replaces conventional reach and counterbalanced fork trucks in standard warehouse operations. The unique design allows operators to use it as a counterbalance truck indoors or out, while operating in very narrow aisles in your warehouse, replacing reach trucks that require much wider aisles. All tires on the Bendi B3/30AC are 18″ (457mm) diameter and the truck has great under clearance for avoiding floor obstructions.

Exceptional Performance & Maneuverability

Equipped with the LandActive control and the Landoll DuraSteer™ front wheel hydraulic steering, the B3/30AC provides exceptional control and makes load placement and retrieval superior to the competition.