C-5 Series Pneumatic Tire 1050 LPG

C-5 Series Pneumatic Tire 1050 LPG

The Crown C-5 series combines comfort with strength.

Pneumatic tires provide strong traction for a stable grip on outdoor surfaces. Durable and versatile, trucks with pneumatic tires are the choice of companies in need of tires that will withstand tough conditions.


This C-5 series IC truck is available new or used for purchase and/or renting. Get in touch with a representative today by requesting a quote or calling.

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Crown Power brake system

The Crown Power Brake System, standard on all C-5 Series pneumatic forklifts, delivers durability and performance while virtually eliminating brake maintenance.


On-Demand Cooling

The On-Demand Cooling option includes an independent hydraulic-driven, bidirectional fan located behind the radiator for enhanced cooling and clearing of debris.