Drexel FL40-60EX

Drexel FL40-60EX

The Drexel FL40AC-EX and FL60AC-EX are explosion-proof, electrically powered, front-loading, 4-wheel electric forklifts with independently driven, front-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering.

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Made for the Toughest Environments

The EX range is UL listed for operation in Type EX Class I, Division I, Group D and Class II, Division I, Group G flammable hazardous areas.


Options for any need

Available capacities of 4,000 lbs (1814kg) and 6,000 lbs (2722kg) with two, three and four stage masts for lift heights to 250″ (6.35M). AC motors and controls make the EX range efficient and easy to maintain.