Drexel SL40AC / SL50AC 1

Drexel SL40AC / SL50AC

The Drexel SL30AC, SL40AC and SL50AC forklifts work in aisles as narrow as 60″ (1.52M)*, have a starting capacity of 3,000 lbs (1361kg), 4,000 lbs (1814kg) or 5,000 lbs (2268kg) at 24″ (600mm) load center and lift heights available to 31′ (9.5M).

They are 4-Wheel SwingMast® VNA and Side-Loading Forklifts with independently driven front wheels and dual rear steer tires. The front mast rotates 90° and has side shift of 22” (559mm), allowing easy stacking in Very Narrow Aisles. The Drexel SL30AC, SL40AC and SL50AC can work inside and outside on paved surfaces. They can perform the jobs of a normal front-loading and side-loading forklifts including loading and unloading highway trucks and containers, working in bulk storage, drive-in rack, cantilever rack, push back rack, double deep and climbing steep ramps. The SL range does the same jobs of reach and counterbalanced trucks in aisles over 50% smaller. The ability to store and transport long loads as a side loader increases versatility and maximizes utilization.

* Based on 48” (1200mm) long x 40” (1000mm) wide load.

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Exceptional Performance & Maneuverability

The SL30AC, SL40AC and SL50AC’s fast lift/lower and travel speeds and tight turning radius provide excellent maneuverability and productivity. The optional roll-out battery compartment allows fast battery changes for multi-shift operations. High Visibility three and four stage masts are available for a wide range of applications including those with low overhead obstructions still requiring high lift heights. Wire Guidance is a standard option on these models allowing safe, full-speed travel in the narrowest aisles.


Maximizes Productivity

The versatile SL30AC, SL40AC, and SL50AC forklifts replace conventional reach and counterbalanced fork trucks in standard warehouse pallet handling operations. The unique design allows operators to use it as a counterbalance truck indoors or out, operates in very narrow aisles in the warehouse, replacing reach and counterbalanced trucks that require much wider aisles. The operator’s compartment is offset providing a long load-carrying side deck so these trucks can be used as side loaders. The front tires are 20″ (508mm) diameter and the rear/steer tires are 14” (356mm) diameter providing great underclearance for avoiding floor obstructions. The rear steer axle is articulated to provide a smooth ride over rough floor conditions.