Drive In Rack

Drive-In Rack

Drive-In and Drive-Through Pallet Racks are designed to ensure dense storage while also keeping aisle space to a minimum.

Drive-In arrangements allow vehicles to enter the storage area and move pallets in a LIFO (Last-in First-out) configuration.

Drive-Thru setups, loaded from one side and unloaded from the other, provide a FIFO (First-in First-out) system.


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  • LIFO/FIFO (last in, first out/first in, first out) configurations
  • Reduces space, cuts cost, and holds more loads with its deep lane storage
  • High volume, low SKU
  • Eliminates the need for multiple aisles
  • Provides control over entry and exit
  • Favors density as opposed to the selectivity of Selective Pallet Rack
  • Designed specifically to suit your pallets and forklifts