Edge of Dock Leveler

Edge of Dock Leveler

Edge of Dock Levelers (EODs) provide a cheaper alternative to pit-style levelers, while still giving access from a loading dock to the back of a trailer. Although they are more expensive than a dockboard, they affix to the wall & require only a metal bar or hook to activate the lip & provide access to the trailer.

EODs are the solution for any of the following loading dock conditions:

  • When the dock area is relatively congested and space in the dock area is limited. The EOD mounts to the outside of the dock and keeps away from traffic during operation & when stored.
  • When the trailer heights are within 5″ above or 5″ below the dock. Captive fleets (all one size trailer) are ideal for an EOD application.
  • When you prefer a fixed dock leveler, with a minimal capital budget.
  • When an existing truck dock can be reconstructed to accommodate a fixed leveler.

The most popular widths of an EOD are 66” wide and 72” wide.

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The installation of an EOD is relatively simple: a weld along the dock edge & expansion bolts on the dock face.

Northwest Handling has the policy that our installations require a minimum steel embed of 8” C-Channel. If there is not 8” (most docks only have 3” or 4”), a transition plate is required. A transition plate lays flat along the floor of the dock right up against the edge of the loading dock. The plate typically has a 12” safety tread construction & is as wide as the EOD. This is bolted to the floor directly. There are two styles: a flat plate with a beveled leading edge (TP.BEVEL), or a plate with the leading edge buried into a groove in the floor to prevent pallets from catching on the plate (TP.BEND).

Customers will be happier in the long run with the bent transition plate scored into their floor. Bevel plates commonly get pallets snagged on the leading edge, and over time debris will build up under the plate & cause separation from the floor. The bent transition plate’s installation is more expensive, however.


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