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Horizontal Carousel


Modula Horizontal Carousel (HC) Brings A New Level Of Performance And Reliability To High-Speed Picking Operations Where Ceiling Height Is Limited. Modula HC Maximizes Productivity And Accuracy While Making Picking Operations Fast And Easy.

Modula horizontal carousel (HC) is the ideal solution when you needĀ high-speed picking in a low ceiling environment.

The carousel consists of carriers (bins) mounted on an oval track that rotate horizontally and deliver stored goods to the picker.

In either a production or distribution setting, the HC is extremely effective inĀ saving space, reducing labor costs, increasing throughput and improving accuracy and inventory control.

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Increased Productivity

Without the need to travel across a warehouse for items, productivity skyrockets, with picking rates of up to 550 lines per hour


Safety & Ergonomics

Provide the safest working environment by reducing physical strain, and eliminating wasteful travel around the warehouse


Flexibility for every storage need

Shelf spacing can be easily adjusted to store different items. Pods can be reconfigured to meet seasonal peaks