airbag leveler

Kelley AFX Air Bag Leveler

Kelley revolutionized the industry in 1994 by bringing air bag lifting technology to the loading dock, introducing the air-powered dock leveler. This innovative product is simple and durable, and contains minimal moving parts, so operation runs cleanly.

The Kelley aFX® series Dock Leveler takes the loading dock to the next level of performance, adding a proprietary airDefense® Technology leg design. When your warehouse needs safe, powered performance at an affordable price, the air-powered dock levelers in the aFX series are your best choice.

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Smart Design Advantages


  • High-volume, low-pressure lifting system proven in thousands of applications worldwide
  • Exclusive Gravity Lip™ extension for reliable automatic lip extension
  • Exclusive SafeTFrame® design provides superior structural support
  • Exclusive airDefense® Technology safety system eliminates stump-out with full below-dock access
  • Lug-style lip hinge & lambda beam structure provide longer life and require less maintenance
  • Patented EZ-Clean™ Pit Kit provides total pit access for routine cleaning