Modula Next 3

Modula Next

Precision and Efficiency Redefined

Modula Next is an innovative automated storage and retrieval solution, that combines the space-saving and efficiency of Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) with all the precision and control of industrial vending machines.

When an item is requested, the unit retrieves the specific tray where the item is stored and brings it to the picking bay at an ergonomic height. Unlike conventional Vertical Lift Modules, Modula Next’s shuttering door system only opens the compartment containing the requested item. This ensures unmatched precision in picking and replenishment operations.

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Smart System Combination

Combines the precision of industrial vending machines with the capacity of Vertical Lift Modules.

Innovative Desgin

The Sliding shutter doors provides access only to a specific item, an individual compartment at a time.

Flexibility and Customization

Adjustable compartments on the fly make it versatile for various industrial needs, and diverse item sizes.