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RiveTier Shelving

RiveTier Boltless Industrial Steel Shelving Racks

Boltless construction makes for quick, easy assembly without any tiny parts to keep track of. And once your RiveTier shelving is set up, you can access it from all sides without worrying about sway or cross bracing. With RiveTier, nothing will get in between you and your product!


The strongest and most economical boltless system made
  • Boltless connection means quick and easy assembly. No small parts to misplace
  • Reduces installation costs by 30-40% over bolted shelving
  • No sway or cross-bracing means you’ve got access from all four sides
  • Completely freestanding
High-Performance Results
  • Rapid assembly, requiring less than half the time of other systems
  • Primary components manufactured from 14 gauge steel
  • Heavy duty posts available for catwalk systems
  • Four beam styles handle all capacity requirements

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