Serco HL Series Hydraulic Leveler

Serco Versadock Hydraulic Leveler

The patented Serco VERSADOCK™ is the only dock leveler with the flexibility to handle conventional loads as well as high-cube (low boy) below-dock loading at the same dock position.

With the popularity of air-ride suspensions, high-capacity “low boy” trailers, and the increasing use of low-profile tires, truck bed heights can extend beyond the 12″ reach of most conventional levelers. This can make service of these trailers difficult or impossible. And with trailer widths averaging up to 8’6″, conventional 7’0″-wide levelers leave little or no room for forklift maneuvering. Additionally, when freight handlers attempt to “cube out” the trailer, loads are often impossible to end-load without the use of dedicated docks or expensive truck-leveling devices. The VERSADOCK™ eliminates these obstacles.

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Design Highlights


  • Full 9′-wide below-dock access
  • Patented HYDRA MAX® powered-in/powered-out lip extension
  • Regenerative hydraulics
  • Yieldable hydraulic lip
  • Auto return-to-dock
  • Push-button quick cycle lip extension
  • Steel NEMA 12 push-button control panel (non-interlock capable)
  • Hydraulic velocity fuse safety stop
  • CLEAN FRAME® design
  • Full operating range toe guards
  • Below-dock endloading capability
  • Grease fittings
  • Integral maintenance strut & lip support latch (Dual struts on 80K capacity only)
  • Weatherseal
  • Full pit steel kit, including pit floor embeds
  • Heavy-duty B410-14F dock bumpers