Serco VSL Vertical Leveler 1

Serco VSL Vertical Leveler

The biggest challenge for companies in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries (and a growing number of other operations) is sustaining a clean, energy-efficient warehouse environment. That’s why thousands count on Serco’s Vertical Storing Leveler for unequalled environmental control along with safe, secure performance.

Serco’s VSL can be utilized with a dock configuration that allows a docked trailer’s doors to swing open into the building. This permits facilities to save money through lower energy bills, loss prevention, and increased productivity.

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Design Highlights


  • A constant pressure push-button powers the leveler down to working range
  • A unique rear embed with no pit floor attachment for easy cleaning.
  • 5 factory-welded hinges
    • All hinge points at least 2″ off the floor
  • Dual-acting lip that’s powered to move in both directions
  • Steel NEMA 12 Control Panel (interlock capable). Operations include:
    • Raise/Lower buttons
    • Lip Extend/Lip Retract buttons
    • Mushroom-style stop button
    • Amber & green indicator lights
  • PLC programmable controller
  • Remote-mounted power unit, including:
    • Motor & pump
    • Hydraulic cylinders
    • Hoses & valves
  • Patented hinged bottom draft pad
  • Terminals for interlocking door or restraint
  • 4″-high runoff guards
  • Structural channel beam deck
  • Integral maintenance locking bar with Lock-out/Tag-out capability
  • Two VB420-11FF bumpers with riser brackets