TT1000-T 1


The TT1000-T is the first electric tug developed by Movexx. Through the years, the TT1000-T has been further developed, and improved in both design and technique. The TT1000-T is now the optimal electric pulling aid, to relieve you and to increase your efficiency. There are a number of properties that make the TT1000-T so special. The electric tug is deployable in many sectors. Think of internal and external logistics, but the machine can also be used to move containers in the waste management sector. The TT1000-T can also move a large assortment of different trolleys, such as roll containers, industrial carts, and before-mentioned waste containers. Furthermore, the TT1000-T makes use of our characteristic exchangeable hook system, with which a hook for your trolley or cart can always be realized. As long as the wheel configuration of the trolley consists of 2 fixed wheels and 2 steering wheels, or 2 fixed wheels and 4 steering wheels, the TT1000-T is capable to move these, as long as the total load does not exceed 2300 lb kg.

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The TT1000-T is standard supplied with an Lithium battery. The advantages of a lithium battery are that the battery can be charged in between, and lasts at least twice as long between charges. The lithium battery also has a Battery Management System, which protects the battery against complete discharging and overcharging. In this way, you can optimally use the productivity of your TT1000-T.


The TT1000-T is capable of moving carts and trolleys up to 2300 lb with ease.


Because of a quick-change battery system for Lithium batteries, the battery can be exchanged simply and quickly, with minimal downtime for your TT1000-T for maximum productivity.