Wire Enclosures 38

Wire Enclosures

Secure and Versatile Wire Enclosures for Enhanced Facility Organization

Wire enclosures are essential for warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. They provide a secure solution for various purposes such as tool cribs, general inventory storage or pallet rack safety system. Discover flexible and reliable wire enclosure solutions for your facility’s needs by contacting NorthWest Handling Systems today.

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Driver Access Cages

Ensure secure access control to distribution centers and factory floors while confining truck drivers and visitors to a defined area, all at a cost-effective rate.


Pallet Rack Safety Systems

Keep your employees and inventory safe with rackback safety panels that create a sturdy barrier for stored items. Pallet rack enclosures can also help secure valuable items in bulk storage or on pallet racks.


Tool Cribs & Storage Cages

Efficiently organize and control access to facility tools and equipment with wire mesh Tool Cribs constructed from modular panels.