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With NorthWest Handling Systems, it’s easy to get a technician right to your warehouse. That way, your equipment can get back to work as soon as possible. We place each of our road technicians strategically & dispatch them using GPS devices, so we can send the one closest to you.

Area vans are supported by local parts departments with abundant stock to keep your fleet up and running. Our average response time is under 4 hours. Quick, thorough repairs mean less equipment downtime!

Service Expertise

NorthWest Handling Systems’ skilled personal service technicians are trained thoroughly and periodically. They are experts at completing jobs faster and repairing equipment right the first time.

  • NorthWest Handling Systems’ factory technicians can repair your equipment quickly to limit downtime
  • Newly hired technicians, regardless of experience level, complete an extensive six-week program of Service Training before working on equipment
  • All technicians receive updated Performance Service Training annually
  • Lead Technicians are veteran technicians who:
    • monitor and develop the skills of other technicians
    • conduct Planned Maintenance audits
    • provide additional customer support
  • Field Service Managers:
    • audit technician work orders
    • conduct regular technician performance evaluations
    • review customer service history to identify cost-saving opportunities
drilling forklift service
forklift wheel service

Forklift Service & Repair

Our Service Technicians provide comprehensive diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repairs. [LINK]
battery service - battery changer

Battery & Charger Service & Repair

Proper battery maintenance is critical to a well-running fleet. [LINK]
Row of loading doors

Dock & Door Service & Repair

Dock & door maintenance ensures controlled, manageable influx and outflow of materials for your business. [LINK]
Service (DRAFT)

Conveyor & Vertical Lift Service & Repair

Maintenance for the equipment your business relies on to keep things running smoothly. [LINK]
We at Alpine Food Distributing, Inc. enjoy an array of services from NWHS, including Full Service PM program, immediate equipment repair, and perfect coordination with our battery vendor to ensure a healthy fleet of material handling readiness to meet our days’ work.
Sam Braden
Operations Manager, Alpine Foods
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