Auto Draft 6

Serco Ultra-Seal S-2000

The ULTRA-SEALĀ® Foam Dock Seal with Head Curtain utilizes the same versatile Serco design with the addition of an adjustable head curtain, which enhances the seal’s effectiveness by accommodating a variety of trailer heights. The S-2000 is the ultimate energy seal for the climate-controlled loading dock.

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Design Highlights


  • Standard base projection: 10″
  • Roll formed, galvanized steel side & head pad backing
  • 5 to 6 internal retention straps per side pad
  • Includes 30″-high reinforcement on tip at bottom of side pad profile
  • Includes bottom foam-filled draft pads
  • Available for door widths up to 10’0″
  • Seals the hinge air gap on trailers with swing-out doors & provides improved trailer access
  • Includes dual color guide stripe system: Inside stripe is white and 16″ high x 3″ wide; Outside stripe is yellow and 24″ high x 3″ wide