TSP 6000 Series

TSP 6000 Series

Turret Stockpicker

Versatile Turret Lift Trucks — Engineered for Performance

Navigating very narrow aisles requires versatility and operator control. Your turret lift trucks need to handle a wide range of warehousing challenges — from full pallet put away and picking to transporting and staging. The TSP 6000 Series steps up to these challenges with high stability, robust performance, and ergonomic operator comfort.

TSP 6000 Very Narrow-Aisle Lift Truck

The TSP 6000 Series lifts to heights of 495” / 41′ and has a maximum capacity of 3000 lbs. This model can maneuver easily in a very narrow aisle, even one only inches wider than the lift truck itself.


This pallet truck is available new or used for purchase and/or renting. Get in touch with a representative today by requesting a quote or calling.

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The Mast

Built for stability, Crown’s MonoLift™ mast features a boxed-in design to protect the cylinder from damage and high visibility for the operator.

Electrical & Braking Systems

Built for performance, the TSP 6000 features a heavy-duty 48-volt electrical system, a massive AC traction motor, and an intelligent braking system.


Built for comfort, Crown’s exclusive MoveControl® seat provides unprecedented levels of comfort, positioning, and mobility for the turret lift truck operator.