Wave 50 Series

Wave 60 Series

Faster, Safer, Wiser

The Wave® Work Assist Vehicle is a revolutionary concept designed by Crown to help you work faster, safer and wiser. The Wave®:

  • Works efficiently and quietly in almost any indoor application
  • Elevates a person and a load (one normally carried by hand) up to effective work heights of seventeen feet
  • Travels nearly twice as fast as the average walking speed
  • Navigates easily in the tightest spaces
  • Turns within its own radius

The Wave® vehicle replaces the need for rolling ladders and the ladders typically used in warehouse and maintenance applications.


This wave truck is available new or used for purchase and/or renting. Get in touch with a representative today by requesting a quote or calling.

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The Wave’s design contains many safety features to support the operator. These include:

  • Interlocking gates that close behind the operator at heights above 20 inches
  • Hand sensors to prevent movement when hands aren’t on the controls, and
  • Dual foot pedals for proper foot placement


A 24-volt electrical system with built-in charger.



Left-hand steering provides full-time power steering and full-function control. The steering geometry is matched to the controller to deliver smooth maneuvering. A turn radius of zero allows the Wave® to turn in its own length.