Kelley DSS Seal

Kelley DSS Seal

Kelley DSS Series Dock Seal With Stationary Head Pad

Ideal for smaller doors (9′ wide  x  9′ high or less), the DSS model provides a positive seal between internal and external environments. It seals automatically as the trailer backs up against the foam pads. Constructed with heavy-duty materials, including roll-formed Tufsteel™ galvanized steel, the DSS offers long life with minimal maintenance.

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  • Roll-formed Tufsteel™ galvanized steel framing has a 5-year warranty against rotting, splitting, or cracking.
  • Endurance-tested foam core continuously bonds to the frame surface with flexible, nonflammable adhesive.
  • A wide selection of durable coated fabrics provides maximum durability.


  • Wear Pleats: Provide maximum resistance to trailer abrasion. Fabric pleats overlap on pad face. Available in 4”, 8”, and 16” exposures.
  • Bottom Flaps: Cover fabric is attached to side pads’ bottom seams, closing the gap there. Flaps extend the pad when using above-the-dock bumper.
  • Head Curtain Pull Rope Assembly: For easy adjustment of head curtain to various heights.
  • Wear Faces: Provide more durability and life by adding an extra layer of fabric to the face of the pads.
  • Flame-retardant foam and fabric meet federal standards.