Serco S600 Seal

Serco S-700 Seal

A hood-style head curtain seals the rear of the vehicle, accommodating a variety of vehicle heights. The Foam Dock Seal with Head Curtain model is ideal for doors that are 9′ high or taller. End caps secure the drop curtain to the side pads. Durable fiberglass stays provide stiffness in the top of the curtain for better moisture drainage. Rugged, roll-formed Serco Steel™ galvanized steel framing increases product durability. Seamless aluminum tubing provides support for the head curtain.

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Design Highlights


  • Standard base projection: 10″
  • Standard base fabric: 22 oz Vinyl
  • Roll formed, galvanized steel side & head pad backing
  • Unit projection should not exceed twice the size of side pad backing
  • See bracket chart for bracket selection
  • 114″ minimum unit width recommended
  • 93″ clear opening recommended for cold storage applications – increase unit width  by 3″
  • Increase “standard” unit height by 6″ when 14′ trucks are present (Western States)