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We Pride Ourselves in Helping Keep Your Warehouse Running Smoothly

For over 50 years, NorthWest Handling Systems has been providing the best equipment to businesses across the Pacific Northwest.

Keeping your warehouse organized is key for successful day-to-day operations. NorthWest Handling Systems can help your team choose from new and used pallet racking systems that best fit your warehouse.

How Does It Fit Into Your Warehouse?

Recognizing the diverse needs of every business, we have a variety of options from our most popular Selective Racks to the versatile Cantilever Rack. We will ensure your storage needs are met with precision and reliability.

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Drive In Rack 1

Drive-In Racks

Best for warehouses that want to keep aisle space at a minimum, Drive-In Racks provide employees control over entry and exit ways for optimal storing.
  • LIFO/FIFO configurations
  • Great for maximizing costs
  • High volume, low SKU
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New & Used Pallet Racking 2

Pallet Flow Racks

With a First-In, First-Out approach, Pallet Flow Racks were designed to create dense blocks of storage, reducing the need for traffic aisles.
  • Optimize aisle and warehouse space
  • Quick inventory turnover
  • Perfect for materials with expiration dates
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Selective Rack 1

Selective Racks

As an industry favorite, the roll-formed Selective Pallet Rack is the most versatile with its patented beam-to-frame connection that provides reliable, high-level protection against damages.
  • Direct access to each pallet
  • Adaptable for all materials
  • Durable under the most demanding environments
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Carton Flow Rack

Carton Flow Racks

The Carton Flow Rack makes picking and restocking optimal with in-stock visibility. Available new or used at NorthWest Handling Systems.
  • Uses slightly inclined wheel and roller platforms
  • FIFO approach
  • Clipless track and guide system
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Push Back Rack 1

Push Back Racks

With each pallet, the free-rolling carriage is pushed back with the loading of any additional pallets, making the Push Back Rack effective in supporting high-density storing.
  • Sturdy construction for maintenance-free operation
  • FIFO approach
  • Efficiently uses warehouse space
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Cantilever Rack 1

Cantilever Racks

With its design, the flexibility of the Cantilever Rack can service storage needs of every warehouse making it ideal for products of different weight and sizes.
  • Durable painted finish
  • Wide range of load capacities
  • Customizable for your warehouse
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